Recruiting Differently

Why choose Cole & Yates as your Recruitment Partner?


We find the Talent other recruiters miss!

Since 2012 we have continually developed and expanded our services and knowledge by listening to the needs of our clients and are now in the enviable position of gaining new clients who have been recommended by happy clients and candidates as their recruiter of choice, this means we spend all of our time securing the talent that our clients need as none of our time is needed to actively pursue new clients.

As you would expect, we subscribe to and use several national job boards was the starting point in our recruitment process. We are highly skilled in targeting and attracting active job seekers and passive candidates that are not currently active on the job boards which is one of the reasons why Clients use us as their Recruiting Team and why we have a consistent history of helping our clients to secure the Talent they need.


Our Team are loyal and stay with us!

We assign all Clients with an Account Manager who has the authority and autonomy to make decisions, and who will work closely with you to ensure you get a shortlist of well-suited candidates to review for your job opportunity.

Our core team have been here since we started and have grown in experience, sector knowledge and specialisms since then.

Our newer team members bring their own talents and experience, combining that with what we do which ensures as a company and team we continually evolve and consistently widen the sectors and functions in which we recruit.

We all love a challenge and have all expanded our area of expertise by learning new job functions and sectors, which we love it as it keeps us sharp and ensures a varied and challenging working day.